Review – Quite Ugly One Morning

Quite Ugly One Morning – Christopher Brookmyre

Yeah, yeah, the usual. A crime. A corpse. A killer. Heard it.
Except this stiff happens to be a Ponsonby, scion of a venerable Edinburgh medical clan, and the manner of his death speaks of unspeakable things.
Why is the body displayed like a slice of beef?
How come his hands are digitally challenged?
And if it’s not the corpse, what is that awful smell?

Parlabane found the word ‘pro-active’ enormously useful, as it immediately exposed the speaker as an irredeemable arsehole, whatever previous impression might have been given.

Ok, so I mostly read Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and most of that is YA or NA – but I do also enjoy a good dose of Crime/Thriller every now and again, I find it works almost like a palette cleanser – a good murder to blow away the stories of fae and wizards and magic.

I’ve read several books by Christopher Brookmyre and have always enjoyed them – especially his standalones Bedlam, Pandaemonium, A Tale Etched In Blood And Hard Black Pencil and the Jasmine Sharp series – however I never got around to reading the Jack Parlabane series (despite picking up most of them at charity shops…), but as Parlabane is his most famous character I figured I had to give him a go.

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